Astral Bakers – “I Don’t Remember”

French indie quartet showcase grungy aesthetics & raw emotion on new single

Astral Bakers unveil their third single “I Don’t Remember,” showcasing a dynamic blend of soft grunge aesthetics and haunting electric guitar riffs. The French indie quartet crafts an experimental soundscape, with the song’s infectious melodies gaining momentum, especially in the bouncy energy of the pre-chorus.

The track’s musical character, described as “dirtily shimmering,” reflects the band’s willingness to traverse unconventional sonic territories. Drawing inspiration from diverse genres, including Beach Boys-era rock ‘n roll and indie songwriting, Astral Bakers infuse the song with a smiley facade that belies the underlying anguish. 

Nico Lockhart’s lead guitar lines add a piercing quality, enhancing the emotional depth of the composition. Sage’s vocals evoke a sense of haunting vulnerability while the rhythm section, anchored by Theodora’s striding bassline and Zoé Hochberg’s double kick on drums, provides a solid foundation.

As Astral Bakers gear up for a series of live performances, including a headline show at La Maroquinerie in Paris, and the anticipation of their debut album in early 2024, “I Don’t Remember” stands as a testament to the band’s prowess in both songwriting and production, promising a captivating musical journey for their audience.

The band tells us, “’I Don’t Remember’ is a song that Ambroise (Sage) started writing many years ago. It resurfaced when we started writing new material. Suddenly, it all came very naturally, as if the song had been waiting for us to finish it. It was one of the first songs we ever recorded, and we’ve always kept it as a reference point for what our sound should be.”

Give it a spin below: