Savoy – “Life and Times of a Wannabe”

Veteran band conjures vibrant indie and synthpop vibes on new single

In the intricate landscape of indie rock, Savoy, led by a-ha founding member Paul Waaktar-Savoy, emerges as a distinct entity, seamlessly blending the somber and evocative with the vibrant synthpop influences. 

With a musical journey dating back to 1994 and consisting of Paul’s wife, Lauren Savoy and drummer Frode Unneland, the group’s extensive experience allows them to draw inspiration from the ’80s, infusing goth and new wave elements into their timeless sound. 

The latest single, “Life and Times of a Wannabe,” is a testament to their dynamic musicality, featuring infectious electric guitar riffs and an energetic indie drum rhythm. Paul’s layered vocal melodies, accompanied by a funky vibe, create a captivating sonic experience. The addition of subtle flutes and strings introduces an organic dimension, showcasing Savoy’s commitment to innovation within their established genre. 

As they prepare to release their upcoming album under Eleventeen Records, Savoy promises a diverse collection of pop songs, exploring different directions and embracing a New York edge, embodying individual perspectives, rhythms and colors.

You can give the track a spin below: