Max Norton – “Hopeless (No More)”

Rising singer-songwriter is a jack of all trades on new single off upcoming EP

Max Norton‘s debut single, “Hopeless (No More),” serves as a dynamic entry into the world of this multi-talented artist. In anticipation of his upcoming EP, Each One Is a Movie, Norton showcases his prowess as a musician, songwriter, and producer. The infectious energy of “Hopeless (No More)” grabs your attention from the start, with Norton’s drumming skills creating an invigorating rhythm. His vocals, raw and intense, deliver a message of transformation with unwavering power.

Norton’s ability to single-handedly write, record, produce, and perform every instrument on the track is commendable. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Levon Helm, Jeff Buckley, Otis Redding, and Courtney Barnett, Norton promises a diverse and captivating musical journey in his EP. With a seamless fusion of genres, “Hopeless (No More)” marks a thrilling beginning for Max Norton, and his unique sound is poised to make waves in the music world.

“Hopeless (No More) was the first one I wrote after starting to emerge from my past and leaving it behind, realizing I had exactly what I needed right in front of me,” he shared. “It was the most fun one to write and drum on. It was the first one I recorded for my EP. I said to myself, just go do it man and hit record.”

You can give the track a spin below: