Avery Rosewater, “Two Bridges”

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avery rosewater

Julien Rossow-Greenberg, the boss of Treetop Sorbet Recordings and solo artist under the moniker JRG, is clearly a man of many hats. While he fosters brilliant collaborations like Alpine Roses and sheds light on the dusty in the case of Honey Radar, he's also writing and recording with his own project, Avery Rosewater. (If anyone told you nothing was happening in Philadelphia, they need look no further than this very post.) With a new cassette EP on the horizon, Avery Rosewater revealed the first of its tracks yesterday, a catchy, driven song with Real Estate-cum-Springsteen guitar and the occasional bratty, freewheeling tinge in the vocals. “Two Bridges” was recorded in Rossow-Greenberg's basement this past summer, and with the dull thud of its snare hits and energetic looseness in its overall voice, there is nowhere else we can imagine this sound growing better. Close to the track's end is a guitar solo that is so blistering, you'll feel like you're in the basement with the band, drinking Yuenglings and talking sports after a sweaty practice.

Look to Treetop Sorbet Recordings this fall for a new EP from Avery Rosewater.