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Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk used to be from Lawrence, Kansas, but for the last year or so the band members have dispersed across the country to New York and Chicago mostly when they decide to stay still. They recorded this cassette in various spots all over the country, and then sent it to Gabe at Lillerne Tapes, one of our favorite labelists, who pressed this first proper release for the band since 2010's full length LP Skeletor and Me. They are also set to tour out to NYC, which is unsurprising – this group has got to be on the top 10 in miles traveled, and they must always be locating their heart on the road, in their van.

BBDDM have always had a tendency towards the combination of the electronic glitch and a very heated drone, and on this sample track “Little George” we arrive at our destination intact. There is wildness and unpredictability in the vocal wails and precision in the clicking machine snaps, but what was build on the circuit board ends in the windswept desert, and as the percussive elements fade out we see that we have been left by the side of the road, where BBDDM often make their home.

Upcoming tour dates:
5/25 – Baltimore, MD @ House Show w/ Weekends
5/26 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
6/02 – Boston, MA @ Whitehaus w/ Earth Masters
6/06 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Woodsman
6/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ DeKalb Fest
6/22 – Brooklyn, NY @ F M L Y FEST