Backwoodz' The Cost Of Living tape

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The Cost Of Living

Backwoodz Studioz understand the plight of the common man. The label dropped The Cost Of Living mixtape with the broke kid that's been wearing the same hoodie for three days in mind, for the people who put water in their cereal and deposit $5 of gas in the whip. The mixtape is 15-tracks of autumnal boom bap from Backwoodz' roster Willie Green, Vordul Mega, Billy Woods, A.M. Breakups, Elucid, Marmaduke, Bond, Pastense and HiCoup. They are joined by affiliates and friends Open Mike Eagle, Junclassic, Nasa, Man Mantis, Eleven, Teddy Faley, Cavalier, Megabusive and L'Wren.

Billy Woods, “Pig Iron” (prod. by BOND)

Marmaduke, “Gladhandling”

Download The Cost Of Living here.

The Cost Of Living tracklisting:
01. Loopholes (produced by Nasa)

02. Demolition feat. Elucid (prod. by A.M. Breakups)

03. Blue Dream feat. Billy Woods & L’wren (prod. by Man Mantis)

04. The Knock feat. Megabusive, PremRock & Open Mike Eagle (prod. by Willie Green)

05. Six Flags feat. Billy Woods (prod. by A.M. Breakups)

06. Stingray feat. Junclassic (prod. by Willie Green)

07. Gladhanding (prod. by Marmaduke)

08. Shilling feat. Billy Woods (prod. by Marmaduke)

09. Excuse Me feat. MC Eleven & Teddy Faley (prod. by A.M. Breakups)

10. Elevator Music feat. Cavalier (produced by Willie Green)

11. Antz feat. Vordul Mega, Junclassic & Billy Woods (prod. by Junclassic)

12. Bank Of America feat. Elucid & Billy Woods (prod. by Marmaduke)

13. Help Me feat. Pastense & HiCoup (prod. by Willie Green)

14. Pig Iron feat. Billy Woods (prod. by Bond)

15. No Invitations feat. Elucid (prod. by A.M. Breakups)