Watch a bunch of drunk southerners take back indie rock

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State Champion

How meaningless is the term “indie rock” in this day and age? Have we gotten to the point where Zooey Deschanel sells a fragrance at Target called “Scent of Malkmus?” Because I'm sure we're about two weeks away from that sort of thing. My advice is to just give up the ghost, and only listen to music that comes from Chicago and the south. 98% of everything else is hogwash.

State Champion hail from Louisville, and they sound like Doug Martsch (Built to Spill, you dummy) woke up after a night of drinking moonshine, and found a bunch of 8-track recordings he made the night before with a backing band of, well, Southerners — except Southerners who really loved Dead Moon. Their album is out on Sophomore Lounge on October 25, and we're debuting this video because we believe in the cause.