Bad Side, “Locked Up in the Decompression Room”

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bad side

In the tradition of masked producers and secretive side projects by huge superstars (we're thinking Mott the Hoople here, but that wasn't such a secret), Bad Side wants nothing more than to keep you guessing. If you're a frequent visitor to these Philadelphia shores, you'll notice that stickered graffiti all over the city asks with no context or come-ons, “Who is Bad Side?” Are we Bad Side? Are they Bad Side? Or is everything Bad Side? We're getting ever-closer to the great reveal, as the first Bad Side track was posted this morning. “Locked Up in the Decompression Room” (which might speak to where Bad Side has been hiding) is a scuzzy, raw, and scraped-dry track that leaves us answering the question without even knowing it. Who is Bad Side, you ask? Take a listen below and it'll become imminently more obvious.

The mystery band has a 7-inch coming out through Nervous Habit Records. Tune in here for updates.