Clearance, “Walking Papers”

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walking papers

Getting the tip-off from a favorite independent artist of ours is the best way to get passed an incredible new band. José from Neighbors sent us this great Chicago act, Clearance, and within the first 15 seconds of listening, there was no turning back. The college rock vibe is alive and well, and with the opening lines being about “Auld Lang Syne”, it feels ultra-obvious that the callout here is to The Dismemberment Plan's “Ice of Boston”, but with a sweeter, Doug Martsch mettle. The best track from the four-song 7″ is “Walking Papers”, a lightly-played track that feels blue collar and empathetic, employing lines like “Cause it's what you make that'll make it last” and “There's still time to talk it out.” It's exactly the kind of thing we need to balance out all the sadness of modernity crashing right into us by way of Miley Cyrus's dance moves.

Listen to “Walking Papers” here, then go to this link to pick up a copy of the 7″.