Baked, “Don't Trip”

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Baked Debt

Brooklyn psych punks Baked just released “Don’t Trip”, the second single off their upcoming debut LP, Debt. A lot more mellow and gentle than the previously released song from their album, “Mick Jagger”, “Don’t Trip” features a reverbed-out guitar, lackadaisical drumming, and a flowing bass line, which congeal into a dreamy three-minute trip that's awash in distortion. Over all this, the band sleepily drones seemingly-urgent lyrics like, “It’s the second coming of Christ, and the kids they’re screaming all over / As the towns and the cities bleed, ‘cause they can’t follow,” as if to underscore exactly how little they care about even something as dramatic as the end of days. As the band plods along, the song slowly builds momentum until the end, when it peaks with an exuberant guitar solo followed by a minute-long wall of feedback and distortion, finishing just as any proper psych song should.

You can catch Baked on July 12 at our summer festival. Debt is out August 19 through Exploding in Sound and Vicious Son.