Baltimore Tape Club Vol. 2

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Baltimore Tape Club

Welcome to Baltimore Tape Club, a new series that dives into cassettes dubbed within Baltimore, Maryland. In the coming weeks we’ll share some charming new sounds from Zomes, Beyond Say, Weekends, Will Redman, Vlonde, Holy Ghost Party, Wing Dam and many more. Look back on our first edition with Zachary Utz, Horse Lords, Other Colors, and Smoke Bellow here. In this volume we’ll take a listen to tapes from Rod Hamilton, Daniel Higgs, and Raindeer.

Rod Hamilton, Teal

Back when Bmore Music was still on Blogger, Avocado Happy Hour (Rod Hamilton and Amanda Schmidt) were an often touted dream-tone duo. Rod Hamilton's solo work takes the tonal vibes to a more serene and introspective place, a place likely where mediation and sky-surfing meet in the middle. Teal is a continuation of this exploration, beautiful xylophone based compositions that are best served whilst basking in the sun. Grab the tape dubbed by Player Press from Rob.

Daniel Higgs, The Measure of Mystery

This piece of history from Baltimore’s esteemed vagabond just recently hit my decks, but it was recorded back in 2011 in Big Sur, California inside a circular redwood room perched above a waterfall. The cassette packaging indicates that the sounds of the Pacific ocean and river below may be heard on the tracks, adding another reason to savor the mysterious tape hiss when played loud. Included is an epic rendition of “Return”, and the B side boasts a nearly 20 minute extended a cappella version of “Say God”. Get it now from Gnome Life while you can.

Raindeer, Tattoo

Charlie Hughes, the luminous sound engineer behind the psych pop of Raindeer, has joined forces with Devin Byrnes, Liz Vayda and Nicky Smith to present us with their second full length. Tattoo is more of the hypnotically swirling vocals, shimmering synths, and captivating hooks we’ve quickly grown to expect. But, this time the band offers a kaleidoscope of glittery marshmallows, prog, and roller skates to soundtrack your late summer nights. Grip the cassette via Friends Records.