Sediment Club, “Ink Drunk”

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sediment club

Without bands like Sediment Club and Guerilla Toss, would we remember anymore what it meant to feel something? Listening to this contribution from their shared split on Sophomore Lounge, it's important to note that “Ink Drunk” is as representative of what the track makes us feel than what any pithy description could attest to. It's got a bout of maniacal yelling, an avant guitar garage rock edge (some influence here from Primus, a little Suicidal Tendencies, and even Travis Morrisson's self-aware/self-conscious rants), and it feels like a real entry into genuine emotion and yawping. Don't be alarmed by the midsong breakdown of steady, disinterested bass as it punctuates a host of serrated posturing. This track elevates emotion through noise and mania, and it's a refresher course in bands that actually give a shit.

“Ink Drunk” appears on a split 12″ with Guerilla Toss (an equally invested band) called Kicked Back into the Crypt, that you can pick up through Sophomore Lounge at this link.