The Band In Heaven and assorted nu drug musics

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Band in Heaven

Sometimes I think that the reemergence of The Jesus and Mary Chain as an influence on underground music was a really bad thing that simply created legions of disenfranchised waifish men that wanted to make record after record of repetitive gunk. Dozens of bands have spent the last decade employing the droning wall of sound that is equal parts Velvets and surf rock; it works 25% of the time, and sounds like a sad retread the other 75%. Wooden Shjips, Crocodiles, and A Place to Bury Strangers have all done well, while most other bands that fit the above description probably have not.

With their upcoming release on HoZac later this winter (Todd from the label tells me “early 2012 most likely,”) The Band In Heaven will bump up the “Works” category to around 31%, and their buzzsaw drug rock will hopefully set things right and serve as an example for the future.