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Flower Orgy, <i>Flower Orgy</i> (Firetalk)

There's something deeply meloncholic and forlorn about these scuzz anthems from Brooklyn-based Flower Orgy, whether they're takes on Neil Young or original Casio drones and hometown woes in a track like “Countryside” (you can take the Nirvana riff out of the song, but we still know where it's from!). The self-titled cassette is seven tracks of fried folk that carry a keen sense of the crescendo that builds towards freak outs in the chapel and the kind of dejection that leaves you wistfully kicking dust down the metaphorical county road (see the Alex Bleeker cover “Don't Look Down”). The sleeper hit in the bunch is probably “Come On Babe”, a blind drunk rocker with 500 layers of caked mud and a pretty awesome rendition of what the human scream. And there's something about the combination of weird bedroom cut-ups in the closing tracks thrown against the pastiche of traditional folk that screams “made in NYC”, from all the right corners.

Largely the engine of one Nate Luce, the seven-track outing is currently out as a cassette on Firetalk.