Chubby Wolf's posthumous wonders

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Chubby Wolf, <i>Turkey Decoy</i>

Chubby Wolf was the moniker of Dani Baquet-Long, a talented musician who died tragically at 27. She's left a legacy of ambient recordings that are still fresh to the world, so you and I can enjoy discovering her work posthumously. Obviously there's a certain extra heft to recordings released from an artist who has left us, but even without the news (which I found out after listening to this work, personally), her compositions vibrate solemnly with a distinct sense of sadness and self.

The release, entitled Turkey Decoy, will be available on vinyl via Boomkat and Digitalis on October 10, and digitally on October 12.

For more about Dani Baquet-Long and Celer, her project with husband Will Long, check out a pretty sizable interview over at The Big Takover.