Barry White, “Playing Your Game” (Beaunoise Remix)

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Few men who've graced this earth have been as debonair as Barry White. So if a remixer can inject a classic from 1977 with a diamond-studded flare that places Mr. White in a Bond tuxedo, then you have our attention.

Operating as Beaunoise, Beau Sorenson is a Portland-based producer and engineer who's credentials include Death Cab For Cutie and Sparklehorse. In his downtime of producing other people's records, he collected drum machines, synthesizers, and homemade pieces of equipment. Beaunoise started as an ambient project, but Crash Symbols smartly collected a few of his remixes, ranging from the Bee Gees to The Cyclist, for a record that respectfully mingles with the work of others in hopes of discovering uncharted territory.

Hip hop is not slim on Barry White samples, but Beaunoise's handling of “Playing The Game” livens the vintage cut. Hints of past sample flips trickle into Beaunoise's remix, but with each sniff of familiarity, he breaks from the trail.

Beaunoise's Remixes is out now on cassette via Crash Symbols.

Check back with us on Thursday when we debut Beaunoise's remix of The Cyclist.