Best Friends, “Happy Anniversary”

In today's edition of earworm joy, Best Friends' “Happy Anniversary” makes the blues seem like a veritable happy time. Much like Los Campesinos! and Belle and Sebastian, this Sheffield band has the double-minded ability to make us feel sorrowful and happy all at once. As the vocalist sings, “I was alone when the sun came up,” it captures the song's mood in totality: the sun may be up, but there is a lonesomeness to it. These guitars are so shiny and well-geared to drip and ooze that happy, clear tone that it feels like nothing bad could come out of “Happy Anniversary"—it's very much a siren song for the sad-happy club. Imagine a dip into the indiepop underground slow dances of the Midlands. It'll satisfy while making you feel just that much more morose.

“Happy Anniversary” is on a 7″ with “Nosebleeds”, which you can pick up through Art Is Hard Records here.