Björk’s got an Apple fetish

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Björk ’s up to her apples in Apple. To quote:

Björk continues to unveil Biophilia, her most interdisciplinary project to date, with today’s release of the Biophilia App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and first two album singles “Cosmogony” and “Crystalline” on the iTunes Store.

An app to compliment an album does seem like an obvious Next Big Step for any pioneering multimedia artist, particularly musicians. It’s kind of funny to think back at what was deemed an exciting new innovation for the ever-sagging album in the mid Oughts – when Beck released The Information to much fanfare because they came with stickers. In case you never had the pleasure:

The stickers will give every Beck fan the opportunity to participate in the creative process by designing his or her own one of a kind CD cover..

Not even scratch and sniff! Seems like we’ve finally arrived:

Each feature has its own theme (in connection with its corresponding song) and combines a natural element with a musicological feature. The layers of content in each feature include: an interactive game based on the song’s scientific and musical subject matter, a musical animation of the song, an animated score, lyrics, and an academic essay.

Sort of like Angry Birds meets Nat Hentoff liner notes.

You gotta feel sorry for all those Björk obsessive types armed with cheapo Androids, peering over the shoulders of the Apple-wielding ruling class, green with envy as they eye snatches of those sexy critical essays. They should really transfer those feelings of inadequacy to imagining the future state of the album, when packaging a collection of ten or so songs will always imply a wider multimedia experience. Think virtual realms: strap in and there’s the formerly 2D screen rendered in all directions. A 3D realm, inspired and driven by an original score. With zombies you can shoot at! It’s all very exciting, and while we’ll all still enjoy the music off an album, maybe it will be more in the way that kids at McDonalds like cheeseburgers: because they come with a Transformer.

Not to call the App cheap. Far from it. Björk assembled a virtual crack team of designers to roll the thing out:

The team is lead by Scott Snibbe Studio, creator of the bestselling apps Gravilux and Bubble Harp, and includes the creator of Sim City, TouchPress (pioneering designers behind the two top grossing apps Elements and Solar System), and a host of award winning designers, animators and leading experts in coding and encryption.

The Biophilia app is out today.