Blesst Chest, “Yes Minus Three”

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Yes Minus Three

Have you ever been so enamored by a band that you swoon over basically anything they come out with? It happens very few and far between around here, but we may have stumbled upon another winner. With their 70s style rock, the crazy guitar licks littered throughout their music, their (clearly) vivid personalities (Hi… check out their Facebook and Instagram if you are the doubtful type.), and the fact that their promo photos are banana heads, Blesst Chest is the newest captivator of our attention.

Based out of Portland, the trio has mastered instrumentals. Blesst Chest makes us feel like we are stepping back in time, which isn’t a bad thing in the slightest in this case. Jake Morris, Jay Winebrenner, and Darrell Bourque are about ready to release their debut LP Wish We Were There at the end of July, but we’ve got their track “Yes Minus Three” right now.

“The first half of the song we ripped off Wire,” admits Jay. “Then it kind of evolves into a minor key metal riff a la Testament or Helloween but with a couple shitty sour notes in there.  I remember being excited to have a song where Darrell the bass player and I get to slam on E-Minor for a prolonged period of time while Jake the drummer simply bashes on the cymbals.  Also,  after revisiting this song after some time, I regret not aping the guitar intro to Prince’s ‘Kiss‘ at the 1:48 mark.”

Darryl adds to the insight on the track, saying, “‘Yes Minus Three’ is like every great classic yes song minus the incredible vocals, Rick Wakeman, and sophistication.”

Song explained. Check it out. Revel in it. Love on it.

Wish We Were There is out July 29 on Xray Records.