Blu's alter-ego “B” and Jesus

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Blu Jesus

It is of little surprise that Blu dumped a record into the Bandcamp website with esoteric labels and most likely a typing aesthetic that looked SuMTHNGLiKeTHIS. With the album since removed, now comes the official announcement of Jesus, the latest lo-fi record from L.A. rapper Blu. The year began with plans for No York to be the next Blu album and his Warner Bros. debut, but all that's come of that is a few live performances, some video interviews and a lot of broken promises. Initially, the “alter-ego” business felt like an insult to our intelligence, but considering he owes WB a record, perhaps it's more of a Prince type thing to dodge the restrictions of contractual obligations. Whatever the case, it's always good news when he finishes something.

The good news is in abundance this time as the first single “Lucky” is a dope cut, reminiscent of his HerFavoriteColo(u)r record and the producer credentials for Jesus consists of Madlib, The Alchemist and Hezekiah. Jesus will be an official release with plans of CD and vinyl editions in August through New World Color. On “Lucky” B. is in meditative mode, interspersing verses when he feels it appropriate and falling back on Soulja Boy's hit “Slow Motion” when his stream of consciousness fails.

Blu, “Lucky”

Jesus is out August 30 on New World Color.