Body/Head, “Actress”

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In a premiere over at Rookie Mag today, Kim Gordon shared the first track from her post-Sonic Youth project Body/Head, that she writes alongside guitarist Bill Nace. After already seeing live footage of Body/Head performing at a Pitchfork-helmed show a few months back, it was clear that this duo was Gordon's heart and soul (har har), given its wily, unpredictable tendencies and the no-wave art shine that it falls under. “Actress” is the first track from the debut Coming Apart record and it shows that pressing, expressive mania perfectly. Over at Rookie, you can read a really thrilling interview with Gordon that lifts some of the veil that her New Yorker profile only served to add on to. Click here for that, then stream the track below.

Coming Apart will be available for purchase on Matador Records on September 10.