Stream: Flaamingos' self-titled LP

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In our quests for building light fixtures in the deep web, we've often denied bands the courtesy of early demos and shoddy hand-to-hand EPs from remaining obscure and ulterior to the debut album. Some times it's their fault for leaving those Bandcamp links alive, other times it's from our unquenchable craving to illuminate everything. Flaamingos are a rare instance in which since forming in 2011 Jerry Narrows and Daniel Koontz honed a sound without littering breadcrumbs.

Much of what's to love about Flaamingos self-titled debut registers as anthemic – an inescapable trigger being pulled after a catchy riff or refrain is locked in the crosshairs. Years prior to the formation of Flaamingos, Jerry and Daniel played in projects leaning towards psych and shoegaze. Traces of those pedal-watching days linger in tracks like the dreamy meandering of “Fin Du Monde”, but concerning oneself with the past is futile. Mechanical percussion, Factory era synths, and the frozen lucidity of “Fall With Me” are not digressions culled from former projects. It's the now station of Flaamingos. We needn't dwell on pinpointing derivatives or the past lives of the LA duo. The self-titeld debut is a bold and adventerous offering, the sort that encourages face value listens focused around those soft centers of pop assurance that thwart the inclination black is a prequisite.

Flaamingos self-titled LP is out August 27 on felte.

Flaamingos are on tour in next month:
14 Phoenix, AZ Obscura Dance night
26 San Francisco, CA Rick Shaw Shop
27 Portland, OR Doug Fir*
29 Seattle, WA The Comet Tavern
12 San Diego, CA The Void*
17 Los Angeles, CA The Echo*
* w/ ADULT.