Carnivals, “Yearn”

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In a world of absent, anonymous, independently-working producers, how can we be sure when another one appears out of the mist claiming to be different? Given the minimal effort it takes to sit at a laptop and crank out a mysterious pulsey tune, it can be hard to discern the good from the bad. With Carnivals “Yearn”, the question can only be answered if you push away all the pretention of a producer with his face obscured and a black-and-white single image. Instead, focus on the way “Yearn” makes you feel—its emotional sound feels prescient and aware and as if it were birthed from an icier, more solitary place than you'd find in other producers. The electronics are placed mildly alongside grander, more orchestral elements (like a shifted piano and xylophonic twinkles), and though the outset can feely initially powdered in traditional melancholy electronica, it works to beautiful effect if you stick with it.

Carnivals has a new EP, Yearn, coming out on September 30; you can pick that up here.