Bomb Zombies, “Bangz” + tour CD exclusive

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bomb zombies

Last I spoke of Bomb Zombies, the ig'nant rap duo of Nocando and DJ Nobody, there was brief mention of a bonus cut entitled “Bangz” with a rare DJ Nobody verse. Once again, this is what you need to hear.

As more information surfaces around the Bomb Zombies project, including a few correspondences with Nocando, I've learned the group started last November in Japan after DJ Nobody claimed he could produce radio rap as well as any Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch or Lil' Jon in the game. Nocando accepted the challenge with claims he could freestyle songs better than the rap dudes that have these hits ghost-written for them. It should be noted that none of Nocando's verses were done sober, nor before 2 a.m. Bold stuff, amigos.

“Bangz” is available exclusively through Alpha Pup here.

Nocando is preparing to wow Asia with his electro-rap rawness and he's bringing along a tour CD compiled from the scraps on the cutting room floor of the Jimmy The Lock sessions. Appropriately titled Unlocked, Jimmy James tweeted an exclusive called “Look What You Done” produced by Subtitle31. I suggest following Nocando as he's allegedly premiering more free shit.

Bomb Zombies' Sincerely Yours EP is out November 9 on Hellfyre Club.

Nocando, “Look What U Done”