Ayentee releases a song a week

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Berkeley, California emcee Ayentee is revising the meaning of the digital album with the first ever-expanding, ever-evolving track list. The plan is simple: release a new song every Tuesday like he's dropping a single.

So far, “Breaking Up With Money” is a standout. Ayentee touches on debt as though it's breaking his heart, though the story is a little too familiar: “I know I can't do it myself / But I'm too proud to ask the folks around me for help / So I just keep on spending / Pretending I get it / My bank account needs lending so I turn to my credit / Accumuluted that debt like I was using my debit / Until I'm maxed out / Turn around and forget it / Regret it / Until the interest kicks in that's when I sweat it now / five Gs at 20 percent I better settle down.” Amen.

Ayentee, “Breaking Up With Money”

Five songs deep, expect a new song today. Bookmark this guy's site (Curiosity Saved the Mouse), because you might be checking it like clockwork for years to come. With year 52 weeks in a year, come June 2010, he'll be hovering around Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs prolixity.