Brando Skirts

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Not that rock bands are ever more than dime a dozen, but I'll pay you a dollar to find another one making eclectic guitar-based song-bound music with this kind of range made as a group rather than a bedroom head trip who I'd never heard of til yesterday.

I'm sure they're out there, I just happen to have five dolla, and this is where I will blow it all.

Yesterday, Brando Skirts hit us up with a delightfully eclectic mix of damaged rock songs, more often than not guitar-based, but most of the time weighed against fantastically freaked out vocal loops, or a rolling hill of feedback, horns on the fritz, heaps of dual-melody dissonance, found sound city Frequencies, vocal harmony. It almost feels like a throw-back to an earlier time when bros made dissonant post-punk and Sonic Youth reigned as the one and only right way. 2003? Maybe just 2010, this stuff is great.

Take a listen to their album, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, and pay them “what you want,” maybe in English pounds.

Brando Skirts, “Grim Dissection of Perpetual Dissatisfaction”

Forget everything I just said except “eclectic” and “horns” in order to enjoy their new single.

Brando Skirts, “Love Song” (new single from an upcoming LP, not on the album for download)