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Broke For Free

Broke For Free, a producer from Oakland by the name of Tom Cascino has released a tripped out new music video for his new single, “Like Swimming” off of his most recent album, Leaf. “Like Swimming,” true to its name, offers a drifting melody over sharp and shifting trip hop beats.

Broke For Free’s songs are unified in a transitory feel that follows Cascino’s talent for shifting syncopations. On his January 2012 release, Grass Hop, he writes that the album was, “made to be listened to while doing something… walking to class, driving in the rain, on a run, in the snow, whatever it is that you do.” This attitude seems to influence much of Cascino’s work including the new album, Leaf.

Tom has had a prolific 2012, releasing three albums. Most impressively, all three of Broke For Free releases have had their own distinct style and pacing. Leaf is Cascino’s most direct album of the year and comes only five months after his entertaining April release, Layers. This guy has a lot going on.

Broke For Free’s entire discography is available for free at his Bandcamp.