Cadik, “My Jogging”

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Of all the countries in the world, one of the places I have neglected to look for new music was the country of Hungary – my mistake. Received a very polite email from a label called Chi, informing me of a few new releases they have coming out, and they were all kinda different. Cadik, who is a local Budapest producer, made this track entitled “My Jogging” and it is weird and familiar all at once. The beat is a phase-shifted piece, all synthetic and distinctly tasting of that European dance music tang. The vocal starts out seemingly simple and normal, too, but as it gets repeated and turned into an asexual moaning, you can see that the experimental nature of this song overwhelms its seemingly standard introduction.

Just by Cadik comes out July 16 on Chi Recordings, but you can stream the whole thing now on Bandcamp.