Casino Versus Japan

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Actually, say hello again, because Casino Versus Japan has been here before.

The ambient electronic artist wasn't taking a hiatus as the blogosphere would like to suggest, he was just biding his time. Whole Numbers Play, which came out on Carpark back in '02, was his introduction to the indie world, yet despite playing the occasional live show, Erik Kowalski had been living in the shadow of his '98-'02 work; his only release between then and 2010 being 2004's collection of older material, Hitori + Kaiso.

In January he re-released his self-titled debut. Can we assume it is his magnum opus? Maybe not, but I like to believe musicians save their eponymous records for the ones they feel best represent them. Then he quickly followed it with new material for the fist time in nearly eight years with Night On Tape in March. Earlier this month it was announced that Casino Versus Japan would be accompanying Deerhunter on their U.S. tour this fall (Bradford Cox is a fan and took him out on a prior Atlas Sound stint as well). I guess it's safe to assume he's “busy” now. At least by his standards. A quiet unassuming leader in the IDM movement, it will be interesting to see if the rock kids dig what Killer Kowalski gives them on this tour.

Enjoy “Blue Vacation (Part 1)” from his self-titled debut below.