Tera Melos, “Frozen Zoo” Remix 7″

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Tera Melos

Terroreyes.tv has kept us visually stimulated with its close encounters performance videos. No official word of a Terroreyes record label was made, but that ain't stopping the website from launching into releasing a new Tera Melos 7″.

Tera Melos' Patagonian Rats is going to sneak up on your earbuds and blast math rock epics down your canals in September, unless you take initiative to hear the record first in streaming format. Personally, I'm fuggin' still strugglin' with the information that Tera Melos is just up the road from me outside Sacramento in a sleepy lil' suburb called Roseville. Even worse, they relocated to Brooklyn to “make it” and on the way linked up with Steve Albini, who produced the record so it would sound like Talking Heads – whoa, dudes.

Terroreyes was on top of its shit though and got local weirdos Raleigh Moncrief (a.k.a. Robby Moncrieff) and Nick Reinhart (also a member of TM) to remix the first single “Frozen Zoo”. Sorry for the lack of preview sounds, but I'm suggesting you trust me on this being a rad 7″. Raleigh Moncrief recently remixed Sacramento pop-weirdo Sister Crayon (ahem, who are playing our SF Lazer Sword show in two days!) and if his “Frozen Zero” remix is on par with that, then you have no reason for hesitation.

The 7″ is available for pre-order at the spanking new Terroreyes store – cop a shirt while you're at it.

Patagonian Rats is out September 7.

Tera Melos, “Frozen Zoo”