Chase Allen Releases ‘Far From Home’ LP

Andre G

Philadelphia born, LA-Based Chase Allen called his Far From Home album a “melodic and rhythmic log of his transition and evolution” from his native Philly to Los Angeles. The 15-track album is an introspective narrative of his decision to leave “behind nights of terror and fear into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear,” as he put it on album standout “Shine.”

The album was crafted during a transitional period in Allen’s life not just physically, but mentally—and it’s apparent when even on a song called “Get Fd Up,” where he rhymes about getting drunk and lusting over women, he drops knowledge on social engineering and the pitfalls of red meat. Allen is at his best within his own narrative, reflecting on his life and contextualizing it with intellectual nuggets that he’s learned. He talks about a friend who sold drugs, led astray by the system on “See The Light.” He reflects on his relationship with his father on “Nothing To Lose,” perhaps the apex of the project.

Far From Home is broken up by conversations with his girlfriend from various points along his journey to LA. He riffs with her on the establishment not accepting a militant leader, the pull of the booty, and ultimately why he feels he has to devote everything to music—even at the expense of their relationship.

The skits are a clever way to foreshadow the next song or two, and in a grand scheme touch on a range of topics while keeping the project thematically tight. Production wise, the album is at his best when Allen, who produced several songs, is flipping soulful samples, such as on “Real Thing” where he speaks about the body image issues women are often tasked with.

Overall, Far From Home is a solid effort from a strong, well-read lyricist who works well within his comfort zone. After the experiences he recalls on his thousand mile (and lifelong) journey, veering off the path now wouldn’t even make sense.

You can stream Far From Home below.


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