Chicago label Teen River pleads insanity, releases another 20 tapes at once

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When the dirty dozen tapes they released in December weren't dirty enough, Teen River decided the only proper way to start out the new year would be to add sideways infinity to their batch and release 20 tapes on their second try. What's next, releasing 30 tapes? Releasing 40? Releasing all the rats from the cages in the science lab? Releasing everyone from their jobs so we can all go to the ice cream parlor and then rollerskating? What could possibly be next on your nefarious agenda, Teen River???!!!

But seriously, there's some choice cuts in this batch. Check out the cool, dry girl pop of WIMPS with their song “Bush Tetras” (RIP Laura Kennedy, fer real):

TR022: WIMPS “Bush Tetras” by Teen River

Or how about the seriously belligerent drunk karaoke from Geological Creep:

TR027: Geological Creep B Side Excerpt by Teen River

Or the wind-tunnel glitch of Headless Horse Head:

TR 018: Headless Horse Head 'turkeytrky' (Excerpt) by Teen River

Once again, make sure to check out their blog full of jokes, which has info for ordering (you just email them, really).