Chiffon, “Dru Hill”

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A few years ago I was at the Copycat Theater in Baltimore when some dude brought a boombox to play a couple songs he had just recorded on a karaoke player. It was the first time I ever met Chase O'Hara, and I'm pretty sure one of the songs he shared was “Weed Makes Sex Weird,” a track off of Winks' debut.

In addition to Winks, O'Hara's project with Adam Lempel of Weekends, Chase pioneered a stint of shows and recordings with INEVERYROOM, a band that included Amy Reid and Rob McCracken. INEVERYROOM is no longer, and Amy Reid and Chase O'Hara are now Chiffon, who played their first show a few weeks ago.

“Dru Hill” began as an ode to Sisqo's crew, but now marks the beginning of a space oddyssey concept album. The track's sci fi-funk is drenched in unholy fluids, a metagalactic-R&B slow burner. When I asked O'Hara what the song was about, he provided further insight into the interplanetary adventure.

“A cosmic romance of two android lovers who finally meet again after being lightyears apart from each other in a space-noire romance story, which will eventually make up the new album.”

The duo's next show is in Baltimore with Hear Hums, Mutual Benefit, and Ferarri Jackson on May 14 at the Golden West. A tour and more songs from Chiffon are due later in 2012.