The Premiere of Seed to Flower Thursdays with volcano!

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We are proud to present Seed to Flower Thursdays with volcano! who will provide you with the behind the scenes glimpses, anecdotes, chestnuts and debuts of songs from their forthcoming album Piñata. Working within the philosophical metaphor that songs are like flowers, beginning from a seed of inspiration before becoming realized and recorded; Mark Cartwright, Sam Scranton and Aaron With will take you on a journey of musical beginnings every Thursday until Piñata is released.

Today Aaron shares with us the song “Supply and Demand,” revealing the track's origins from oddball subscription sites of coin shower fetishes. Filtered through the minds and talents from the volcano! trio is the bodypart bouncing of currency coinage from some random sites like,, used as the basis for a pop gold recipe incorporating the primary law of economics 101.

Catch a new volcano! song from their upcoming album Piñata on Seed to Flower Thursdays here, dropping weekly through June 7.

Piñata will be released June 12 stateside and June 4 in Europe while pre-orders are available now from the Leaf Label and Bandcamp.