TV Girl, The Wild The Innocent The TV Shuffle

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TV Girl

San Diego's TV Girl is the latest expectation demolisher on Himanshu's Greedhead label. Much like Oakland's Twin Steps, TV Girl craft meta-doo wop, as though a time traveler took a wormhole back to the 60's for the sole purpose of handing Phil Spector a sampler and a stack of hip hop's finest sampling achievements.

Funny thing is, last year I was not ready for TV Girl. I was sent their “Benny And The Jetts” track and passed on them. I cannot recall why I declined to cover TV Girl, possibly that morning I was having a negative reaction towards sounds too sugary in pop. Perhaps I had still not let go of lo-fi snobbery? This morning though, after hearing “I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now”, I feel it necessary to admit I was wrong. TV Girl still sneak a few sucrose cavities into The Wild The Innocent The TV Shuffle, but with bands like The Stepkids and Twin Steps warming me to the retro-future machinations of being both skilled instrumentalists and samplers I am finally ready to accept TV Girl in the speakers. The sunshine and cool breeze coming in the window played a small role as well.

TV Girl, “I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now”

Download TV Girl's The Wild The Innocent The TV Shuffle here (or via Stereogum).