Children of the Night, Queens… Revisited

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Children of the Night

The South Bronx has the originators, Brooklyn is the zoo that houses some of the most legendary players, Staten is known as Shaolin, Manhattan is the beacon of success, but Queens is where classics are cut. Whether it's the grimey, hoodies and Timbs rap from Queensbridge, the heavy mental of Organized Konfusion, or the jazzy-theory of Tribe, Queens is the Borough.

Children of the Night are of the opinion Queens is long overdue for another trophy. Queens… Revisited aims to pull interest back towards the forgotten/silent Borough by celebrating its many faces over the course of 14 tracks. Black Noi$e commands the sound, enfusing a balance between the grimey street themes and the lush low end jazz aesthetic. Dark and noisey, Queens… Revisited lurks through the group's native streets. The deeper into the record you go, the hour creeps into those early AM hours. The album features guest appearances by Lakutis, Big Baby Ghandi, Marz Lovejoy and Roc Marciano, among others. Additional production is provided by SKYWLKR, Thelonious Martin, LeftBrain, Matt Martians of Super 3, and Hannibal King.