Chuck Inglish drops WRKING. beat tape

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Chuck Inglish

Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids had a mighty fine year producing trunk-rattling bangers for Asher Roth, Mikey Rocks, Dom Kennedy and Chip Tha Ripper. If it had thump, if it had bounce, if it had swing, it was probably a Chuck beat. As an adieu to 2011, Chuck dropped WRKING., a beat tape that compiles a few recognizable tracks and unreleased beats. At 20-beats deep, the tape is mixed by DJ Izzo, who blends the sounds into a steady stream. If WRKING. is a purging of last year's work, we're on board for the next year of Chuck production.

Chuck Inglish, “Before We Leave”

Chuck Inglish, “California”

Download Chuck Inglish's WRKING. here.