Circuit Des Yeux, “Fantasize the Scene”

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Woeful lamentations and spine-chilling vibes haunt the new single from Haley Fohr’s vocally powerful project, Circuirt Des Yeux. The track, titled, “Fantasize the Scene,” is off her forthcoming album, In Plain Speech, out May 19 on Thrill Jockey. It’s a soft layering of instruments bolstering the depth of a voice so ubiquitously spooky, it conjures the mystical scenes of banshees from Irish folklore. Careful guitar picking starts the song, setting a moody melody, and building the anticipation of Fohr’s vocals, only to have any expectation shattered by the extent of their weight and sadness.

She pronounces her lyrics deliberately ambiguously, offering a certain universality to the project, her voice’s baritone qualities creating an audible androgyny. The track’s structure is unique, as well, only incorporating its light percussion during choral flourishes, and breaking entirely, before its brief, suddenly orchestral outro.