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Matthew Papich, pka Co La, is a master of the cut/paste dubbing, to a point many have considered his innovations worthy of a genre all his own. Since the inception of Co La, Papich has turned minute sample chops into an artform that rivals some of hip hop's most proficient beat technicians. We've always been somewhat astounded by Papich's formula, chopping the vaguely familiar into mince meat, but spicing it up enough to hear it anew. His contribution to the Friday Night series though, peels back the curtain to reveal Cluster's “Formalt” and well, we will never hear Co La the same for it. If you've always understood Papich as an extension to Cluster, kuddos to you.

But we'll save the lofty ruminations on Papich's technic for another time and focus on his mix for its title, “Disco Nap Companion”. We're not entirely certain what a “disco nap” is, but given the sounds Papich selects for his mix we know it will be replacing that iTunes one we made for hungover Fridays which begins with John Cale's “Buffalo Ballet” and ends with Pavement's “Range Life”.

Papich had the following to say about his mix:

This mix is a Disco Nap Companion. A good Friday night starts with a short and intense sleep. No more than 45 minutes, really just enough time to move out of reality and into Dreams a few times. It's not about going deep, just leave the plane a couple of times. It's Exotica. Your body is Ambient. Set an alarm. Afterward, move through courses of coffee, ginseng extract, water, vitamin C, etc, then begin whatever drugs are the choice of the party. You're smooth and amiable now, back from the Studio.

Co La, “Disco Nap Companion”

Co La's Moody Coup is out now on Software.

Disco Naps Companion Tracklist:
00:00 Cluster – Formalt – Qua
04:50 Richard Beirach – Places (Excerpt) – Eon
05:18 Tord Gustavsen – Playing (Excerpt) – The Well
07:20 Marius Neset – Saxophone Intermezzo II – Golden Xplosion
08:50 Grace Jones – The Crossing – Slave to the Rhythm
13:02 AM 4 – Streets And Rivers – …And She Answered
17:04 Brian Eno & Harold Budd – In the Chill Air – The Plateaux of Mirror
18:54 Stephane Kerecki – Secret d'orielle (pour Milan) – Houria
20:20 Arve Henriksen – Poverty and it's Opposite – Cartography
23:00 Nik Bartsch's Ronin – Modul 36 – Stoa
24:44 Nik Bartsch's Ronin – Modul 33 – Stoa
26:52 Nik Bartsch's Ronin – Modul 32 – Stoa
27:44 Terje Rypdal & David Darling – Bedtime Story – Eos
29:54 Stefano Battaglia – Pastorale – Pastorale
31:10 Stefano Battaglia – Cantar Del Alma – Pastorale