Cold Showers, “So I Can Grow” alt-take

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cold showers

We like to celebrate LA's Cold Showers for their predilection for fried psyche-rock that harkens back to those “Cocaine Blues” days, but did you know they have a softer, self-reflective side? It's less about cool and leather and 2 a.m. and pagan stuff. The band is ripping down the tapestries that kept the morning sun out for days on end. They are doing a few dishes, tossing out a few empty pizza boxes and considering yoga in the park.

Cold Showers next 7″ shuffles towards an idea of sonic catharsis. The alternate take of “So I Can Grow” derives from a division of joy and seeks the zenith of its possibilities. It's the sort of song that begs to be played in replace of “Auld Lang Syne” at an LA New Year's party. We'll be sure to inform you, if this becomes possible.

Cold Showers, “So I Can Grow” (Alternate Take)

The 7″ is out soon on Art Fag.