Jay Reatard's buried treasure

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The two-year anniversary of the day the world lost Jay Reatard is unfortunately upon us, but thankfully the guy recorded more than enough good stuff to earn him the title of the punk Tupac. Now Goner is getting set to reissue the first release by the project that I still say is the most focused, aggressive, and downright scariest of everything the guy did, the 7″ EP introduction of the Lost Sounds.

The song we're debuting here would show up later on the band's first LP, 2001's now classic Black-Wave, but this 7″ was and still is the best way to experience any Jay Reatard project: in its infancy, and unsure if it's going to survive*.

*For what it’s worth, Lost Sounds was probably the only project of Reatard’s short of his solo output that actually made more than a full LP without destructing.