Colours, “You Can't See Me”

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Colours You Can't See Me

Rubber bass synth, industrial drums and shoegazing guitars arise from the dark underworld of dance music in Colours’ genre-blurring debut single “You Can’t See Me.” The song seems to take cues from sounds heard across the entire “indie” spectrum: bits of post-punk here, apects of goth’d-out new wave there, and beautiful, hauntingly jarring reverberations all around.

Led by London-via-Australia producer/songwriter Tom Crandles, Colours compile their influences into a sound that’s easy to get lost in, a sound that entirely fills the sonic space while also feeling intimate enough to make itself a sort of emotional conduit. Forget genre identification and lose yourself in the dark world of “You Can’t See Me.”

Father/Daughter will digitally release the “You Can’t See Me/My Memory Is A Maze” single on April 8. Stream the A side below.