Constant Deviants, “Cutt For President”

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Constant Deviants

Hundreds of thousands of empty gun threats and propositions ago, the essence of hip hop was about biggin’ up your DJ. It’s in that regard that New York underground mainstay Constant Deviants offer “Cutt For President”, a track where rapper/producer M.I. shouts out his partner of over 20 years, DJ Cutt—and justifies why Cutt has stood by him all these years with his clever lyricism.

Plied with dusty drums, and a bright, lustrous key melody, M.I. churns through the track like the “termite” he likens himself to. His gruff, monotone delivery is a perfect springboard to deliver lyrics like, “if you know what I know, then you know that you never will know shit cause I won’t tell.”

M.I. is engaging yet anti-social and uninterested—unless it’s about his lyrical supremacy or DJ Cutt for president. Cutt does his thing with sharp scratches at seemingly every juncture M.I. isn’t rhyming, including a Rakim “Eric B For President” sample during the hook.

“Cutt For President” is a bonus track from the duo’s upcoming Omerta LP, due out June 28. You can stream it below.