Cool Calm Pete + Snafu = Ladies Big & Tall

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Modern Shark Sampler 2

Modern Shark dropped its second record sampler this week, featuring contributions from the Baje One & J. Howells Werthman project, the Scott Thorough & Tone Tank project and a new collaboration between the hermetic Cool Calm Pete and our Potty Time: Excellent blogger Snafu.

Snafu and Cool Calm Pete selected the moniker Ladies Big & Tall for their instrumental EP from the future. As much as I'm craving a proper follow-up to Pete's Lost, having a record by a group called Ladies Big & Tall will totally work as a substitute. Plus, the EP will be called This is Motorcyle Music – sold!

The first glimpse into the collaboration is a drum science excursion called “Meat Chips”. Considering both producers are well-versed and well known for their funky riddims, it's safe to expect one of the funkiest and drumsiest EPs you'll hear this side of the Atlantic Ocean – oddly enough the samples on “Meat Chips” sound plucked from African based records, save for the lasers.

Download the Modern Shark 2 Sampler here.

Ladies Big & Tall, “Meat Chips”