Cool Runnings' still jamming, mon

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Cool Runnings

The Tennessee kids turned its rad little blog into what appears to be a digital label. The Cool Runnings blog is now Dracula Horse and its got a little lineup to boot.

Cool Runnings still owes us Teenage Tn, but for now check the band's latest lo-fi demo “Jesse”. According the the Cool Runnings Twitter feed, the record is still in the works and coming out weird. Someone, either Brandon Biondo or Forrest Ferguson, from the band is also having epic dreams about being on the lamb after a murder, slumber parties with Tina Fey and getting lost in a TV void only to have household objects turn into demons. Weirdness confirmed.

In other news, Cool Runnings, being the classy purveyors of alt-boob art that they are, just wrapped the shoot for its album art in Brazil.

Cool Runnings, “Jesse”