Cuddle Formation, “Duckfangs Tickle My Ankles”

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Noah Klein, previously of solo project Philip Seymour Hoffman and noted member of the ever-important FMLY, has been making music under the moniker Cuddle Formation, and with an Emily Reo tour as well as a new release, cuddle pals can rejoice. The latest, a tape out now on Patient Sounds, has the ethereal, breathy qualities of a looped cloud, and with solid vocals backgrounding the lightness, it feels like a TONSTARTSSBANDHT track without the bombastic edges. “Duckfangs Tickle My Ankles” may be mysterious in title, but its softness will have you convinced in no time.

You can pick up Cuddle Formation's split with The Spookfish, Earthbound, through Patient Sounds here.