Cuddle Formation remixes Julianna Barwick’s “Dancing With Friends”

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Juliana Barwick‘s “Dancing With Friends” is a mesmerizing track made up of layered vocal loops, inspired by choral hymns. It’s a deep cut, pulled from a 2007 live session on the Portuguese radio show Má Fama, revived by Cuddle Formation on the occasion of the two artists both performing at FORM Arcosanti this coming weekend. (Cuddle Formation is the project of Noah Klein, who will be performing at the festival as a member of Mutual Benefit.) On the remix, Cuddle Formation adds glitchy beats that echo the arc of the original track, creating a call-and-response effect between the two while keeping the original devotional vibe of the song intact. It’s streaming below, along with a collection of recent Cuddle Formation demos and remixes.