cursetheknife – “Feeling Real” & “Low”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

OKC shoegaze trio unleashes two heavy, stratospheric new tracks

cursetheknife is a trio from Oklahoma City that crafts loud, heavy shoegaze in the vein of bands like Hum, Deftones and My Bloody Valentine. Armed with towering riffs and pummeling drums, the band nimbly toes the line between dissonant and melodic. In a few weeks they’ll be putting out their debut EP Thank You For Being Here Pt. I, and today they’re giving us a glimpse with two noisy and stratospheric new tracks, “Feeling Real” and “Low.”

The former song has an ominous energy to it, with reverb-drenched guitars slicing to perilous sonic heights. The emotional climax on the chorus “I just want to feel real” expresses the catharsis in recognizing one’s artifice. It’s a huge, crushing noise-rock anthem. Meanwhile, “Low” has a more simmering psychedelic motion to it; the track’s atmospheric lo-fi textures and droning vocals end up having a meditative effect. Here, singer Branden explores the chaos and turmoil of leaving his church behind. Both tracks are bruising introspective stunners. In a year that’s seen genres such as shoegaze, metal and grunge all intersect to great effect, these songs stand out amongst the crowded field.

cursetheknife’s Thank You For Being Here Pt. I arrives on November 13 via New Mortality Zine. You can pre-order it HERE and listen to “Feeling Real” and “Low” below.