Cut/Copy drop a mixtape

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Because we cannot get enough of the mixtape format in the past 48 hours, here's Cut/Copy's A Tale of Two Journeys mixtape, which opens with a cover of The Brothers Johnson's “Strawberry Letter 23”. Zonoscope won't get much spin by the Impose editorial staff, not really our cup, but we certainly applaud a well-conceived cover of “Strawberry Letter 23” any day.

A Tale of Two Journeys (Mixtape) by cutcopymusic

A Tale of Two Journeys is a mixtape's worth of covers performed live at the Island Diamond Dance Hall in '87 by Bobby Boomerang and his band. If a streaming journey leaves much to be desired, it is possible to obtain a physical copy either by chance or through the use of your musical acumen. A number of fine record stores have the mixtape offered as a bonus item, most likely with the purchase of Zonoscope or be one of the first five people to accurately guess the tracklisting and email your list to:

The first correct entry will also win a pair of tickets to the Cut/Copy
headline show nearest their hometown (Sorry, festivals are not included
in this offer). Start shazaming the shit out of your laptop speakers, folks. Although by now, it's probably too late. We got you started though. Strawberry Letter 23, baby.