Dam-Funk album unearthed + Steve Arrington collab

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Dam-Funk stole our space age funkadelic souls as his extension of G-funk into the second decade of the 2000s could not have come at a more appropriate time. We've not always been ready for the amount of bounce he puts into each ounce though, which is proven by the news regarding his next album.

Titled Adolescent Funk, the album is a collection of Dam recordings from 1988 to 1992, dating back to his teenage years of recording on the Korg M1, Linn Drum, and Casio SK-1 – instruments most consider novelty electronics. Dam-Funk was smarter than that, creating a style of funk that wouldn't be prime for consumption until 20 years later. Apparently, Dam-Funk turned the entire project over to Peanut Butter Wolf, allowing him access to the old cassette tapes. The result is a 14 track album of retrospective and retro-electro funk.

In keeping with the revival, Stones Throw is streaming the first collaboration between Slave front man Steve Arrington and Dam-Funk as well. I don't foresee a mass rediscovery of Slave records, but the name Steve Arrington is going to ring out when this collaboration drops. “I Be Tripping” is streaming on Soundcloud (groans).

Adolescent Funk is out October 26 on Stones Throw.

Dam-Funk, “I Like Your Big Azz (Girl)”